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Working on a Fantasy Grounds module for “All for One: Régime Diabolique”!

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So, I’ve decided to run a Savage Worlds game (finally convinced my regular D&D group to give it a shot) though I’ve never even played the system before. Fantasy Grounds is our VTT of choice however, the setting that caught my attention, “All for One: Régime Diabolique”, doesn’t have a Fantasy Grounds module available for the 2nd Edition. Soooo, I decided to create one, for my personal use. Actually 2, a GM and Player module and even though they are far from complete, I’m certainly making progress.

Partially completed (mostly the reference modules).
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New Savage Worlds Project

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So I have decided to get back into designing some RPG content, in this case for Savage Worlds. Actually, it’s just creating a Fantasy Grounds module for use with their Savage Worlds ruleset of an already existing setting. I recently came across the “All for One: Régime Diabolique” setting from Triple Ace Games and thought it might be nice to GM a few sessions for my current D&D 5E group to mix things up and get them interested in the Savage Worlds RPG system.

To give an idea of the setting, it’s sort of like The Three Musketeers but with a supernatural element. An overview is posted below;

“The year is 1636 and France is a troubled nation.  A great and terrible evil gnaws at its core, and darkness stalks the land. All that stands between chaos and order are the King’s Musketeers...

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Savage Hârn weapons, armor and mundane items

No GravatarSamples of my ‘Savage Hârn’ weapons, armor and mundane items lists. I’m using HârnMaster 3 as the foundation and trying to stick to the items available in the HârnWorld Module. Still have lots to do, this is only a small portion of my work so far.

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Advanced Dungeons And Savages

No GravatarWow, who knew there was something like this already out there! This may save me a lot of time tweaking my Savage Harn.

Complete Handbook for playing AD&D-style games in Savage Worlds! Players Section includes races, classes, equipment, and descriptions of over 75 spells. Dungeon Masters Section includes NPC classes, rules for converting monsters, encounter charts for 13 types of terrain, random determination charts and descriptions for over 200 magic items, and complete rules on magic item creation

Get a copy from the Dragonsfoot website at Advanced Dungeons And Savages

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Savage Worlds in Hârn

No GravatarI have been having this urge to really try out Savage Worlds using Fantasy Grounds but for the setting I keep gravitating back to Hârn. There is an older conversion out there that was started but I am seriously thinking of building out my own Savage Worlds pHârn.

Basically, what I am contemplating is running a Savage Worlds game set on the island of Hârn where that island and setting are basically transplanted to the planet of Krynn. The rest of Krynn has fallen to the Evil forces and now the Dragonlance events are finally encroaching on that remote and small part of the world.

Stay posted.

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