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Ghosts of Ezar’s War (A HârnMaster PBP Game)

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The Peoni Church manages almost all orphanages on Harn. At some point you were all taken in by the local Peoni Church as orphans at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) and cared for by the Irreproachable Order (Male Clerical Order of Peoni). During that time and at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) you were identified by representatives of a small militant sect of the Peoni Church based in western Kanday as being “special”. Having been singled out, members of this group arranged for you to be transferred to and “adopted” to be raised/trained as priests at their temple located in Ryce with the local church headquartered in Dunir. However the priest at the local temple in Ryce had other intentions. This small Peoni sect are not adherents to all of the peaceful teachings of Peoni. Instead they have taken a more militant position and interpret the position of Belsirasin “known as the Weeping Warrior” to be more aggressive. They are not so fond of the Peoni Church having to rely on the protection of the Church of Larani and feel they should have their own soldiers. However they also know that these actions and attitude would likely get them all reprimanded if not excommunicated even with the Peoni penchant of forgiveness. For that reason the real training has been kept out of sight and well secreted. Although you have been well trained in the teachings of Peoni (as part of your cover) and are very knowledgeable acolytes you have also had other militaristic training. Only a few of the priests at Ryce and your other trainers know the true story.

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