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Hârnic 5E – Quickstart

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Finally, after all the WotC OGL drama has died down, I have decided to revisit this project and rename it Hârnic 5E (or should it be Hârnic 5e)? To keep things simple, and to avoid being overwhelmed like I was with the original project, I’ll keep this one much smaller, and focus on materials in the freely available HârnMaster QuickStart rules. I expect it to include a single class, a handful of backgrounds and limited weapons and armor options.

I will, however, include a fully detailed Critical Hit system. In addition, armor will reduce (absorb) damage rather than affect Armor Class. Shields will function as usual (affecting AC directly). Weapons will also now add attack bonuses to hit and parrying bonus to AC when equipped...

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D&D5e Hârn Classes

No GravatarFor this pHârn I plan to redo most of the D&D 5e classes to better match Hârn. For example, the Paladin will only be available to followers of Larani and will be associated with the Order of the Checkered Shield or The Lady of the Paladins Fighting Orders. However, there will be an ‘Anti-Paladin’ type subclass known as ‘Blackguard’ that will be available to the followers of Agrik and associated with his Fighting Orders. At this point I am envisioning the following classes;

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Bestiary – Gargu-Arak

No GravatarOne of the first things I have been working on for the D&D5e Hârn conversion is getting some of the Hârn specific creatures converted over to D&D5e stats starting with the Gargun.  First up is the Gargu-Arak although its only a draft and will be tweaked as needed.

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D&D5e Hârn Conversion Project

No GravatarAfter reading the d20 Hârn Guide created by Shane Morales (the Version 1.01 copy dated  June 9th  2002) I have decided to do my own D&D5e Hârn conversion. As part of the project I will be building supporting Fantasy Grounds Library Modules in the hopes that one day it will be complete enough to run an actual online Fantasy Grounds campaign.

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