Savage Hârn: More Musings

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Dwelling further on this I believe I will work up two different “Settings” so there will be 2 different “Fantasy Grounds modules” but one “book”. That way the GM can load the content for the setting he plans to run.

The first will be designed to fit Savage Worlds meaning all HârnMaster-like attributes, skills, etc., will be mapped to the core Savage Worlds content. For the most part they will retain the Savage Worlds naming conventions (i.e. using the Obese Hindrance as is, not referencing the HârnMaster Obesity Medical Trait). Ideally this is intended more towards running vanilla Savage Worlds in HârnWorld. Players will be able to build their PC’s using the existing Savage Worlds Character Creation steps using ‘Concepts’ for guidance.

The second will be what I would call more Hârn hardcore in that it will be tweaked to better fit a HârnMaster-like game. Character Creation will be more rigid and make use of tables (few things will be chosen by the player). Occupations (with new special edges), starting attributes, skills, Edges and Hindrances, will be renamed (and rewritten) to HârnMaster terms where needed (i.e. the Savage Worlds Obese Hindrance will be renamed Obesity and modified to reflect the HârnMaster Medical Trait).

Anyway, these are just my “current” design thoughts and are always subject to change. 

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