Savage Hârn: Thinking Out Loud

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As part of the ‘Design’ process of this project (and all of what I post is of course subject to change should obstacles be encountered), I am trying to stick to the following 3 main Columbia Games Hârn books, HârnMaster, Hârndex and HârnWorld. Ideally, I would like to have a separate “Fantasy Grounds” module covering the content for each of the above books BUT some information needs to be available in other modules. Upon initial review though, it may just be HârnMaster and Hârndex that need to be combined into a single module while HârnWorld would be its own module.

With weapons, using Spear for example, the information as far as weapon name, combat related information, weight, cost and weapon skill categories are found in HârnMaster (Spear is found on pages SKILL 19 and COMBAT 3) however, weapon descriptions are actually found in Hârndex (Spear is on page 125). This means in the Weapon entry (in SWADE for Fantasy Grounds) will be in one location but has to come from multiple Hârn publications.

NOTE: I have also noted some discrepancies on information in the different books such as the ‘CLOTH Tunic’ in HârnMaster but seemingly being listed as ‘TUNIC/Wool’ in Hârndex. So, it appears that HârnMaster uses CLOTH Armour while Hârndex identifies this as WOOL Armour?? I’m fine with either BUT if content from these 2 books is covered in a single Fantasy Grounds Module the naming conventions need to be the same.

For design reasons I think defaulting to HârnWorld/Hârndex over HârnMaster content/data would be the way to go since this is intended to be a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition RPG as far as the mechanics are concerned and HârnWorld being the setting (meaning any Hârn content not using HârnMaster mechanics could be used as is).

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