Revisiting the Savage Hârn Project

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Unfortunately, the original project stalled out about 3 years ago (got busy with a career change at age 55 and then the pandemic hit). Now that things are getting back to normal, my free time is opening up, and seeing the recent release of the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds I have decided to give it another go. The new project will also have a new name, HârnMaster for Savage Worlds. My plans are to avoid overcomplicating things this time around by sticking to the Core Savage Worlds Rules/Content as much as possible.

Archetypes: The newer Savage Worlds stuff I have looked over (for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition) seems to avoid using Archetypes and just reference/recommend concepts to build around. In this project, there will be one Archetypes for each HârnMaster Occupation AND, they will NOT be balanced with each other. In other words, some Archetypes will have more Skills than others. Characters will be based on their Archetypes (with their appropriate Base setup) and then have up to 5 points to distribute among their Attributes. Some Archetypes will have a point or 2 automatically allocated based on the Occupation and so the 5 points would be reduced by those already allocated points.

Skills: Ideally, I see 3, maybe 4 new Skills (with at least one of them being a new Core Skill) and each will have a few already allocated Skills (based on the Occupation the Archetype represents). Some Archetypes will have more Skills than others at start. Next, each character will have 5 points (not the standard 12) to put into new or existing Skills. This is because each Archetype will already have pre-allocated Skills based on their Occupation. I may also decide to make use of the Skill Specialization Setting Rule.

Hindrances and Edges: At this point, I have not settled on these yet but almost all of the Savage Worlds options will be available. I also expect to create several Altered and New ones for the setting.

Of course, the above intentions are subject to change. More information will be posted as it comes available.

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