Detailed Strike Tables

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Ok, so I made some crude tables for Strike Locations. What this does is allow the player or GM to choose the appropriate Aiming Zone table and roll 1d100. You only need to click the Die Icon (under Roll on the AIMING ZONE MID Table) once, so one roll as opposed to multiple rolls and looking up of each result, then relaying the player or GM. That starts the sequence to determine the full hit location. The Strike Location is determined and then, if there is a related subtable, such as a hit to the Face or something needing to determine if it was the Left or Right side, the system rolls on the next appropriate subtable. If the result shows a Grey Circle with Red Star, it moves to the appropriate subtable and continues to roll for more details as needed. All results are output to the Fantasy Grounds chat screen on the left.

For example: You hit your enemy and then roll to determine location. Your roll generates a Face hit, the system then rolls on the Face table and if it results in an Eye, Cheek or Ear roll, the system rolls over to the Left/Right Table to see which side is hit.

NOTE: Separate tables can be set up for different creatures so that they are specific to that individual creature.

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