HârnMaster and Fantasy Grounds (VTT)

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Fantasy Grounds has a revised ‘MoreCore Ruleset’ that has been redesigned enough that it looks like it can be tweaked and used for HarnMaster now. Here is ‘Peri the Lame’ from Friends, Foes & Followers – Part 12 rolling some Stealth skill checks.

As I put some things together for testing I’ll try to post other screenshots and more information.

3 comments to HârnMaster and Fantasy Grounds (VTT)

  • Mark  says:

    Ok, I am the same, no coding skills or computer background but Damned is keen to help me get an extension under way some time for Harn using the morecore set. To what extent I can help I am unsure. With my skills we can finish in about 2040 ha ha.

  • Gunnar Greybeard  says:

    I have been messing with the Fantasy Grounds MoreCore ruleset to try and make something workable. I have no coding skills so its pretty limited to entering data from my books and trying to shoehorn that data into the default MoreCore Character Sheet.

  • Mark  says:

    Did you ever get Harnmaster going on fantasy grounds? Would love to see this ruleset complete and working.

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