Ghosts of Ezar’s War (A HârnMaster PBP Game)

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The Peoni Church manages almost all orphanages on Harn. At some point you were all taken in by the local Peoni Church as orphans at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) and cared for by the Irreproachable Order (Male Clerical Order of Peoni). During that time and at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) you were identified by representatives of a small militant sect of the Peoni Church based in western Kanday as being “special”. Having been singled out, members of this group arranged for you to be transferred to and “adopted” to be raised/trained as priests at their temple located in Ryce with the local church headquartered in Dunir. However the priest at the local temple in Ryce had other intentions. This small Peoni sect are not adherents to all of the peaceful teachings of Peoni. Instead they have taken a more militant position and interpret the position of Belsirasin “known as the Weeping Warrior” to be more aggressive. They are not so fond of the Peoni Church having to rely on the protection of the Church of Larani and feel they should have their own soldiers. However they also know that these actions and attitude would likely get them all reprimanded if not excommunicated even with the Peoni penchant of forgiveness. For that reason the real training has been kept out of sight and well secreted. Although you have been well trained in the teachings of Peoni (as part of your cover) and are very knowledgeable acolytes you have also had other militaristic training. Only a few of the priests at Ryce and your other trainers know the true story.

In the Peoni Church every month from the 14th through 17th is held the Greater Sepelah also known as the purification ritual. It is during this time when all the priests are attending this ritual you are sent away to spend this time cloistered at a small villa (with high walls) under the guise of gardening and reflecting on your religious teachings. It is during this time you encounter the mysterious knights who come to train you for those four days in the art of combat and the way of the warrior. Each knight spends 2 years making these monthly pilgrimages and providing your training. After two years he is replaced by another and is never seen again. During their time with you, each knight focuses on certain aspects of warfare such as scouting, riding, tracking, the spear, bow and sword. They teach much more but some things are forgotten over time due to lack of interest or you simply lack the innate talent to retain those particular skills.

Another winter has come to an end and it is the first day of the New Year. And so it has been for the better part of 20 years, until today. This morning you have been awakened earlier than usual and your presence requested at the main chapel. Today is the day you will put your training to use in the real world.

It is Nuzyeal 1st in the Year 720 TR.

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3 comments to Ghosts of Ezar’s War (A HârnMaster PBP Game)

  • Gunnar Greybeard  says:

    The group kind of died out so I started up a new game using the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top. Using D&D 5e this time though.

  • Roy  says:

    Nice work. When will there be an update?

  • richard  says:

    Reading well so far.

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