D&D5e Hârn Classes

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For this pHârn I plan to redo most of the D&D 5e classes to better match Hârn. For example, the Paladin will only be available to followers of Larani and will be associated with the Order of the Checkered Shield or The Lady of the Paladins Fighting Orders. However, there will be an ‘Anti-Paladin’ type subclass known as ‘Blackguard’ that will be available to the followers of Agrik and associated with his Fighting Orders. At this point I am envisioning the following classes;

  • Barbarian (with multiple tribe specific subclasses)
  • Cleric (associated with Fighting Orders)
  • Priest (associated with Clerical Orders)
  • Druid (likely only available to Elven Priests of Siem)
  • Fighter (there may be subclasses with this)
  • Harper (Bard)
  • Herald
  • Hunter
  • Rogue (with possibly a SeaDog subclass)
  • Shaman (Priests/Clerics of the various Harn barbarian tribes)
  • Sorcerer
  • Shek P’ver (Wizard but this will have subclasses for the spell categories also known as schools or invocations)
  • Paladin (open only to members of the Laranian Fighting Orders but there will also be a Paladin subclasses, known as the Blackguard that will only be open to members of the Agrikan Fighting Orders)
  • Ranger

The above is only a draft and will likely be tweaked as this project goes along.




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