D&D5e Hârn Conversion Project

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After reading the d20 Hârn Guide created by Shane Morales (the Version 1.01 copy dated  June 9th  2002) I have decided to do my own D&D5e Hârn conversion. As part of the project I will be building supporting Fantasy Grounds Library Modules in the hopes that one day it will be complete enough to run an actual online Fantasy Grounds campaign.

Right now I envision I will need at least 3 modules, one named Hârn Bestiary, Hârn Player and Hârn Religion. Hârn (or more accurately HârnWorld) will basically take the form of the game world for the D&D5e campaign with the D&D5e classes, backgrounds, etc being reworked to fit Hârn. This will also require converting the Hârn specific monsters to D&D5e data.


2 comments to D&D5e Hârn Conversion Project

  • Gunnar Greybeard  says:

    Unfortunately real life took over and the project got stopped. Unsure when or if I’ll have time to pick it back up anytime soon.

  • Shane Morales  says:

    Hey, did this ever get done? I totally want to check it out.

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