Goblins Rule, Dwarves Drool!

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The campaign setup continues and a new campaign name has been determined. It will hereafter be known as the “Goblins Rule, Dwarves Drool!” campaign.  The campaign will use the Rolemaster RPG Ruleset using Fantasy Grounds II (for online play via a Virtual Tabletop) and takes place in the world of Harn in the southwestern corner of the Kingdom of Kanday near Hebon Keep. The majority of the action will be centered around the village of Mezint.

Details of the village and its citizens will need a lot of fleshing out but much of that will come as the campaign progresses and the information becomes available to the PC’s.

The PC’s will play the roles of hobgoblins from a tribe in the hills south of Mezint. The tribe is currently involved in heavy fighting with a nearby dwarven clan for supremacy of the area. The fighting has been long and bloody with both sides looking to gain an edge against the other. The PC’s have been recruited by the clan leaders and dispatched into the surrounding countryside to “find” that edge.

Characters created so far include a hobgoblin Rogue and a hobgoblin Fighter. I have also included a goblin NPC Seer who will be there to support the party as needed.

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